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how do you sell items to other players

Jun 28, 2008
i have items that say no trade which makes me think you can sell or trade items with other players. Unfortunatly i can't figure out how. can someone please tell me how

You don't.

The only thing that can be traded between players on different accounts are Treasure Cards. Items cannot be traded and this is not a feature that will come to Wizard101.

The Shared Banks is there to allow you to trade items between characters on the same account login. If your Death Wizard receives a great hat for an Ice Wizard, you can place it in your Shared Bank and log in as your Ice Wizard to access the new hat.

The Bazaar in Olde Town allows you to sell items that other Wizards can purchase. The prices are set by the shopkeeper based on supply and demand of the items in his inventory.

If you want the prize, you have to build the ladder rung by rung. There are no shortcuts.
Nov 26, 2009
Wow I didnt know thats how the Bazaar worked like that! Now i know that I cant find the staffs and wands I need! Thanks Zeke!