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How do you get to the haunted cave?

Jun 10, 2009
I have two quests that I'm working on that require going to the haunted cave, but I can't get there. My quest helper arrow leads me to a teleport thing that I can't seem to use. Do I need to wait until Ambrose sends me there for something to be able to go, or is there something I'm missing somewhere?

Jun 07, 2009
You get to the haunted cave through

Commons -> shopping district -> olde town -> triton avenue -> haunted cave

Run along towards the end of triton avenue to see the entrance to haunted cave.

Have fun.

Charles L.

Jun 10, 2009
OMG! Thank you!. My problem was that I knew where the Haunted Cave was, I just couldn't get there. There was a whole section of Triton
Avenue that I've never seen. Would you believe that I totally missed the stairs leading to the other section? Of course, I now have the opposite problem. I finally found those stairs while looking for the stairs I came up to get here, So, now I can't find my way back. Oh, well. That's what the commons button is for, right?