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How do you get a Minion Card: Summon Ice Guardian/

Jun 02, 2011
Well im level 25 and Professer Greyrose dident tell me anything of go to get new spell card

Mar 08, 2009
I have the same problem i remember doing the quest and never got the card!
[Ice Wizard, Roslyn Griffengrove, Level 30]

Jul 27, 2011
Idk i Think you get it at lvl-20to22 Ellie Lvl 50 ice wizard

Dec 18, 2010
I'm a lvl 36 ice wizard. I do agree that is a little unfair that the ice and fire wizards have to be a higher lvl but I think it is becuase the teachers of Ravenwood want you to master more spells before they think you are ready to get the summon spells. Myth gets the summon spells early becuase they are myth wizards and summon things to aid them in battle witch is why they get theres so early. I also have a lvl 22 life wizard who has her summon I can't remember when I got it but I still got it a little earlier than my Ice wizard. I think you have to wait longer also becuase Ice and Fire are 2 of the main schools of Magic......Maybe. I don't really know but at least thats what I think...

Jun 02, 2011
Hi! im ice too level 42 you get your summon ice guardian colossus at level 28
if your higher, see our ice professer or look in quest page in your spellbook.
Plus you have to be up too marleybone to defeet this myth banshee. Shes really hard so i suggest that you be ready i died a few times.
And the thing that really sucks is that noone can help you on that quest so i guess that really means that its called a solo quest.

good luck!

Jul 28, 2011
iceywinter1234 wrote:
I'm a lvl 17 Ice Wizard and I think its a little unfair that I have to reach lvl 28 to get a minion while most other schools get it at a lower lvl Like if I was a Death Wizard I could get my minion the very next, lvl, I'm just wondering why Ice and Fire wizards have to wait so long to get a minion :?

This...just isn't right.

If you look at gamma's post right above you, you can see that most schools (more than 50% [half]) have to wait until 28 for their minion. Just like you.

Death wizards have to wait until 28 as well.
You left out storm, they have to wait until 28 as well.

Myth? The entire backing to their school of magic revolves around summoning. The minions you get early on as myth are not as powerful as level 28 versions of other schools. Not even close.

Life and Balance? With more heal/utility cards than damage ones, its nice to be able to bring up a sprite minion or helpful mander to use a lot of those same spells for you. Thus, freeing up some space in your deck for more damage cards.
This is especially important as when you are approaching level 20, the intelligence of your computer opponents increases quite a bit (mainly just towards the end of krokotopia, not necessarily level 20), and the somewhat 'weaker' (bad term, i know) schools such as life and balance may be considered to be, really appreciate that little boost of effectiveness. Especially since both life and balance magic have many utility spells that are more helpful to you or a teammate, rather than destructive to your opponent.

A short answer to your question would be: The schools that wait the longest for their minions, are capable of doing the most damage without them. Simple enough I hope.

Sep 05, 2011
I am level 29 how do I get the minion card? I have one that sacrifices minion for 3 pips but no minion.
If you are in Marleybone, go to Digmoore Station and turn right to some stairs going down and there will be someone with spells for minions.