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How do you deal with people who flee dungeons?

Aug 03, 2016
Yes! I forgot to get the cat in Meowriarty's tower. *facepalm*
Good news is that since that time I was bored one day and did the whole thing again; this time I hired some henchmen at times though ;) Made for fewer times I had to port out to Unicorn Way and get wisps between battle rooms.

I was going to quit after I got the cat; I looked up the location of the cat online first as a reminder of it; but then decided to go ahead and fight through to the end. So now I have beaten Meowriarty twice although the second time with occasional henchmen.

Thanks for the kind words!

Aug 03, 2016
spadeseers on Nov 25, 2016 wrote:
I made the mistake of going into Sunken City without a deal of experience a while ago, one extremely strong player said they'd help me and I was really grateful. We went through all the dungeons with no major problems, I was the first one into the fight (everyone was holding back because first in gets hit the most apparently) until Grubb.

Then they passed every turn. Every. Turn. I was extremely confused, and I was (and am) Storm/Life, so I was really struggling to keep my health up while dealing with 3 enemies that I really couldn't handle. I asked for help and the other guy said "if you'll be my girl" and I was like... wow. Incredible. He just ended up doing nothing and only after I said no repeatedly and was "defeated" that he ended up killing the boss in a single AoE, and I got nothing. I had to complete the dungeon over again later and it was really an experience that ruined teamup for me.
Sorry that happened to you!
I had someone drop out on me in Sunken City just before the Grubb battle. Suddenly, "Oops! gotta go!" no indication of that until then.
The good news is I asked them a few days later if they were willing to help me with Sunken City and this time they did so through to completion.

I got the feeling maybe they got stressed the first time - they kept being pulled into the streets there and it annoyed them. I hated Sunken City since every single group someone would get pulled. I was so relieved when my last wizard finished Sunken City.

Aug 03, 2016
Starblood653 on Nov 30, 2016 wrote:

You cannot report someone for asking you to be any sort of significant other. You cannot report someone who was trolling by letting you die before ending the battle.This has been rehashed over and over and over.
Maybe the extortion or pressure to be "his girl" part, though, could be reported. That is pretty creepy.

Jul 24, 2015
SparkleTude on Dec 15, 2016 wrote:
Maybe the extortion or pressure to be "his girl" part, though, could be reported. That is pretty creepy.
Absolutely agreed. Please report this sort of thing.

Jul 02, 2015
There are lots of possible variables when it comes to this time of thing. I am *not* sad to say that I've been one of those people who join dungeons then leave without a word. My primary reasons for doing such are:

1. It's hard to find people to do specific bosses.

People are constantly wanting to do the entirety of Hades, or the entirety of Graveyard, and it's a hassle trying to find people who just want to to Cronus or Yevgeny, let alone plant. We feel like doing just one boss would not be a problem since it isn't a lot of time you're wasting. I don't think anyone, personally, goes to Shane or the Death Minotaur but then stops. They don't offer anything.

2. You're bad.

This may seem mean, I know, but the reality is that some people aren't as good. Plenty of times people have asked me, "Are you going to do full or just first?" And I've responded with, "If the first boss goes smoothly I'll do full." And we do the first boss and it absolutely is a train wreck. I don't feel like carrying 3 or 2 people through a hard and tedious dungeon. Look up the cheats, find strategies, THEN team up. Don't team up if this is your first time doing it and you haven't bothered to do research.

As for why people leave without notifying you and then ignoring you, it's mainly because they don't want to deal with people constantly messaging them "where'd you go, pal?" or "you coming?" It's annoying. Granted, it's annoying when people leave randomly, but eh. The best solution is probably to just go with people you know won't disappoint you. It's how I got all my gear.

Feb 28, 2014
SparkleTude on Oct 24, 2016 wrote:
Maybe the game could vet a corps of reliable helpers for dungeons. People would only get the badge if they have assisted and completed dungeons with strangers; they lose the badge if they abruptly leave others in the lurch.

I'd also love the game to have the ability for (friends only) to leave a waiting private message. There is a chance they had a service interruption that wasn't restored in time, or some other valid reason (see my other post.) If so they could leave a message explaining what happened a bit, and the others might not feel as put out.

Everyone should 'friend' everyone at the start of any dungeon. Then you can message, port to, etc. If they won't do that or they won't take 2 seconds before you all start, to discuss how you all want to approach the dungeon those are red flags imo.

Hate when people either just sit there unresponsive at the start or they flee fast and far ahead like they are soloing.

Oh and I hate "all the bosses are mine." What?! Lol

If there's no other way I can do that dungeon I put up with that but I still think it's rude. Just solo if you just want all the boss drops imo. If you (general you) wants to help other players, then let them play too.
I read all your posts on this topic and I feel your frustrations. All my wizards are farming Darkmoor (Graveyard) for Malistaire's gear and about half the time, there's 1 person in a team stays only for the first battle perhaps looking for a skeleton golden key or flees when the battle doesn't go perfectly as plan for his/her needs. It's not fair to the rest of the team when they're expecting a full crew and have to start over. So I agree with you.

Feb 28, 2014
SparkleTude: For me being a life wizard, this is how I deal with unresponsive people in battle looking for an easy drop; If you want to be healed, you help fight or if you go afk and not return, there's no guarantied you'll get a heal because why should I waste my pips on someone who does nothing when others need it as well. Then that person may not get their easy drop when he/she is defeated.

Feb 28, 2014
Tophieee on Oct 24, 2016 wrote:
I have been through Tartarus 5 times, and only once did I manage to get through to Hades.

Throughout the dungeon, people fled. Some said they were "afk", but once everyone left the room to progress, they quickly ported out and ignored any messages other players asked if they were returning. In Tartarus, it seems that, if players say they want to "Start with Cronus, then Hades", what they really mean is that, once Cronus is defeated, they're out of the dungeon. There is no "Then Hades" -- there is no Hades.

This seems to be a frequent problem, even in dungeons such as Graveyard. People say they are there for the whole dungeon, merely to keep everyone there, but once they finish the first battle, they are out. They were never there to finish the whole dungeon, only to farm the first boss. I personally find this method manipulative and disgusting with how they use other players time and energy to get what they want, then abandoning players like nothing.

One time through Tartarus we had 4 players. Everything seemed fine, the first two battles were finished, then someone left without word. He was Storm, our main source of damage, but we continued through nevertheless; and after Cerberus, another player left. We must have been in there for about an hour! With two players, there was just no way we could defeat Hades, Zeus and Poseidon. Time wasted.

Every attempt through a dungeon, it is a risk of time. It is gambled time we can never get back. It is not enjoyable. It crushes faith one had in the game. All because of somebody else. Are other players not aware that every player in the game is another human being? A human being with precious time? Anyway, I am now at a point where I have to start making friends who are worth spending time with. Team Up for dungeons is a HUGE gamble, and there is a penalty if you're not in that dungen for 10 minutes, unless it's finished beforehand.

How do you deal with people who flee the dungeons? It doesn't seem like a reportable issue; but I find it very unsportsmanlike. Some players have been recurring abandoners, that I've come to putting them on my ignore list just so I know who they are should there be a next time. One guy I asked why they fled last time, and he just laughed it off with "Oh, haha, I'm sorry. It won't happen again. I promise". But it DID happen again.
I totally agree. It's just not right and not fair to others. I find it irresponsible and rude.

Aug 03, 2016
Patrick Ravenbane on Jan 2, 2017 wrote:
I read all your posts on this topic and I feel your frustrations. All my wizards are farming Darkmoor (Graveyard) for Malistaire's gear and about half the time, there's 1 person in a team stays only for the first battle perhaps looking for a skeleton golden key or flees when the battle doesn't go perfectly as plan for his/her needs. It's not fair to the rest of the team when they're expecting a full crew and have to start over. So I agree with you.
Thank you! I appreciate it.

I always look forward to your posts. They always express empathy to someone.

Sorry that has been happening to you and others in Darkmoor. I am not there yet. But I have heard it is very difficult.

The more difficult a dungeon is or the longer it is, the more likely it seems it will be trolled in a teamup, even one that didn't use the team up button.

I answered a team up for a Mooshu dungeon the other day. Once I got there I saw it was quite a lengthy one. In that case I made the mistake of going on ahead and starting, which I never usually do but the person wasn't moving. And in the past when that happens it can take 5 minutes before they finally answer. So I went ahead to at least talk to the first NPC. I know the bubble pop ups will tell the other players about the conversation.

Well the other person never did move so I wound up doing the whole thing - I thought well I am here might as well. It wasn't too hard, but it was too bad in a way because it was one of the Oni bosses at the end of it. And I haven't started Mooshu on that wiz yet (I drank the potion to clear it.) So none of it counted.

But I like Mooshu so there's that. The music and color palette are so nice.

About the topic in general - I agree and like some other things I have expressed opinions about too, it boils down to consent. If people just want to fight one boss, do not join a dungeon team up. Ask around and find others who just want to do one boss. Same with wanting to do anything a certain way really.