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how do you buy pets at the bazaar?

Aug 26, 2009
Every time I try to buy a pet at wizardcity bazaar it says your transaction was not complete please help me.you can reach me in mushoo my name is julia deathsword.thanks

Aug 09, 2009
Sorry about your issue. you just have to be quick when buying a good pet at the bazaar. you are probably trying to rename the pet which is giving someone else enough time to buy the pet. best thing to do when you see a pet is just buy it and take it to the dye shop to rename it. also rare pets and swords at the bazaar are what lots of people look for so when they get there everyone is trying to get it the same time as you so it just could be bad luck and someone is just faster. hope this helps

Jun 23, 2009
If possible, you may want to try shopping during off-peak hours. With less people around, you'll have less competition for selection.

There's a sharp drop-off in population around 10pm, likely due to bedtimes. If that's not a good time, try early in the morning before leaving for work or school.