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How do i get to the spiral?

Nov 02, 2008
How do i get to the spiral to go to Krocktopia and the other worlds? I want to know what level and what quests you need to get the quest where Merle sends you to the spiral. Please Help.

All in good time, young Wizard.

Why are you in such a hurry to leave our wonderful Wizard City?
There are many adventures here to capture your imagination.

Enjoy the journey that you are on, and when you are ready, Merle will ask you to explore other worlds. You must prove that you are strong enough to enter the other areas, which means working your way through Wizard City.

Nov 02, 2008
Thank you Professor Greyrose i finished fire cat alley and then defeated Foulgaze and Nightshade and i am now living happily in Krocktopia and if anyone needs help with any boss just post here. Have a fantastic day.

P.S. To answer your question Professor i'm a huge fan of exploring new worlds and i huge fan of Egypt so put them together and you get my love of Krocktopoia!

Mar 07, 2009
i think to get to the spiral you have to complete all the allys and nightshade

Jun 07, 2009
If you want to go to another world dude

krokotopia: finish off NIGHTSHADE!

Grizzelhiem ( but this is what happened to me): be on lvl 20

all i no

hope i helped