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How Do I get in Colosuss Blvd

Aug 02, 2009
I am doing a mission in which I was sent to colosuss blvd (sp?) and when i approach guard he states "I have to see headmaster for permission" when I go to grandmaster there are NO options to ask for permission to enter colosuss blvd..HELP!!!!.........this is not user friendly at all......hpw do I get in that blvd? Want to finish my mission

Mar 09, 2009
Aug 12, 2009
I am wondering the same thing. My quest for finding the Smiths is now being held up because I can't get in there.

I figure there must be another quest that triggers unlocking our way to this street, but where to start?

Jul 29, 2009
That is actualy holding me up on two quest.
1 for the smiths, and 1 for the library books ( I
believe its called "over dues" or something like that.....

Any help....

Jul 29, 2009
You have to beat the main bosses from cyclops, triton, firecat. Then you should be able to get a quest from one of the guards to talk to the head master and then he will give you a note to give to the gaurd by colosuss Blvd and then you can enter. I hope that helped happy questing :-D

Feb 27, 2009
To get permisson, you must complete the quests to get to firecat alley, triton avenue, and cyclops lane, and then complete those, too. You somehow talk to Merle Ambrose when you finish all those areas(one at a time), so he will let you know when you are ready. Then, you get the quest for Colossus Blvd, as well as the quests that take you to your next world: Krokotopia!

But remeber that smiths and other quests from your teachers, are works in progress. Those quests were made for you to have to get there on your own, when the time comes.

Kestrel Ghostwalker~ lvl 47 Master sorcerer