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Hope this is the right place

Oct 21, 2008
To post this but don't know where else.

Ok, I'm lv 47 just turned 48 in dragon spire. Got several bubbles on the right.
1.Wu says come see me I have a new spell for you.
2. Simeon? says come see me
3. Ambrose says come see me I need your help
4. Wu says come see me I need your help.

Ok, I drop everything and hurry to Ravenwood. go see Wu..she has a set of things for me to get a new spell..yippee...Nothing else...I go to wizard city commons and find Simeon...nothing so I go see Ambrose and nothing there either!! They are not listed in my quest log...what happened? I don't want to miss anything so would appreciate it if someone has any ideas. If I need to post it elsewhere I can do that to. Thanks, Fiona Dragontamer