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Help Please

Aug 31, 2013
Ok look, my friend and I are the same level, level 14, i did more quests than he did and he got to go to a different world, I'm still doing quests in wizard city and the other area's in the main world... i check up on ambrose constantly to see if anything has changed and he keeps saying " i still haven't heard from the others, i hope they're doing alright" or something along that line....

Am i possibly doing somethign wrong or stuck in a glitch or does everyone have a different amount of quests they have to do, Or please direct me to the proper quest(s) to get on the right path that I should be on.. I was doing the rest of Triton quests and ended up in crab ally in Triton... Please Help

Steven LionHeart (in game name)

There are main story quests that advance you through the worlds, and there are side quests that give you additional rewards and adventures.

If your friend only did the main story quests, they will be given the Spiral Key to Krokotopia before you, however if you complete side quests, you will be a higher level when you receive the Spiral Key to Krokotopia.

See this chart which will tell you which quests in Wizard City you need to do.