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Help! - Gift Cards in Canada?

Aug 10, 2009

I am fairly new to the game but love wizards101. Ive read most forums, and was trying to buy one of those gift cards with the special pets. I am a fire wizard and go to bed at night dreaming of Flamezilla! I checked all the stores listed that are available in canada where i live. Mainly Best Buy and Blockbuster locations. No employees at any of the stores had any idea what i was talking about. I even had them check there store computers for inventory listings and nothing at all appeared with wizards101? I have my $20 montly allowance just burning a hole in my pocket to spend, can anyone please help me or direct me where in CANADA these awesome giftcards can be purchased. Thanks very much!

Items sold in Canada are required to have bilingual wording. (English & French)

Sad to say this, but until our card distribution company is willing to offer these cards in bilingual format, we won't be able to offer them for sale in retail stores in Canada.

The CrimsonZilla will be available for the entire month of September and there will be different version for October, so if you have a friend in the USA who can send you a card, you can most certainly redeem it from any location in the world.

Aug 10, 2009
Thank-you very much Master Gamma for the quick and honest response. I will have to try and order on-line from the states if i have to. Looking forward to the time when your products/gift cards are available to be purchased in Canada. Have a great day and keep up the good work Master Gamma.

Dec 27, 2008
i live in the united kingdom and i cant get the gift cards because i dont live in the us what do i do? plz help

Mar 10, 2009
charlotte49 wrote:
i live in the united kingdom and i cant get the gift cards because i dont live in the us what do i do? plz help

I also live in the UK and I am not happy that we cannot get any of the gift cards here. We cannot buy the Beckett online gamer magazine either unless we pay a load upfront to order from a specialist store. The people who can buy the gift cards and magazines are very lucky. Yet ... They whine about not getting the pet they want. It makes me laugh.

Seems it is very unfair, I and I am sure countless others think that wizard101 should sell these gift cards on their site so they are availabe for every country not just the USA and Canada.

It is not just Americans/Canadians play this game or... Is it just intended for those countries?

I have played a while and spent loads on subscriptions and crowns for myself and my family yet miss out on the benefits of the gift cards and magazines, namely the rare pets etc!

Come on wizard101 think about us too.

Thank You