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Help do I have to complete Sunken City before

Mar 26, 2010
I'm at level 16 and have completed Unicorn Way, Triton, Colossus, Fire, Cyclops, Nightside and Foul Breath. I just got a quest to go to the Death School and the Sunken City but I keep dying and I'm frustrated. Is there any other streets or worlds I can explore while I continue trying to get through that sunken city?

Jul 04, 2009
You should have gotten access to Krokotopia after you defeat Lord Nightshade (boss at the end of haunted cave). Doing Sunken City is not a requirement to advance in the gain ... go back to it later when you have leveled up alot more.

Mar 29, 2009
Well Sunken City IS a side quest. So besides that, after you explore the death school and all, you can go to krokotopia.

Catherine Windrider Lvl 49 Balance

Jul 01, 2009
Sunken City is a side quest and is not part of the story line! Just ask Ambrose for the quest to defeat Lord Nightshade, and then you'll move on to the world known as Krokatopia. You might want to bring friends to kill him though, Nightshade is no easy match!

Jun 04, 2010
No, Sunken city is only a side quest. But if you are looking for lots of xp you should do it. And if you keep dying you probably need help. Ask your friends to help you!

~ Abigail Hawkflame lvl 27 balance/fire

Mar 26, 2010
Thanks to all who repied.

I was confused because I thought the Death School was in the Sunken City. After reading your replies I went in and notice the Death School behind the Marla character. I went in and completed that quest and am now in Krokotopia.

( A note to game programers the Death School was not labled like the other schools in Ravenwood, I only saw it when I pulled up the Nightside map. Also, it was part of my next quest but it didn't light up as blue as other building quests so I missed it the first time),