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Help any time any place any where

Dec 13, 2008
Hi I'm Benjamin MistMask and i want to help you !!! Have you ever been stuck an a must win story line quest and gave up? That is why i'm here to help. I'm not the highest level but far from the lowest. P.S. text chat helps ALLOT!
Benjamin MistMask level 45 (46 in my grasp) savor of the spiral Balance and Myth :) :-) :D

level growing

Sep 02, 2009
That's a great offer; thanks :)

Too bad there is no way to find anyone in the game by their screen name unless they are already on your friends list or you know them in real life and can do a true code. (Hint, hint, KI!)

I can't even count how many times I have needed to find someone that wasn't on my friends list but couldn't because there is no way to do it that I know of. :(

Dec 13, 2008
Well i know of good meeting spots in wizard city. Behind the waterfall, top floor in library wizard city, next to grizzlhime (spelled that bad 8)),and maybe even more. Plus, i will anser questions too so post those too like that.
ALSO,please poast a realm first so we dont have to keep waiting for me and then go "SHOOT! Forgot to poast my realm!"