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Apr 15, 2009
Ok, well I hope this is where I am supposed to post this, anyway I am lvl 15 and well I have the health of a lvl 3 or 4 and I have tried wearing the right clothes that help you. I have tried everything I can think of, nothing seems to be working can some one please help me?

Feb 27, 2009
Ok, did you do the quest for Gloria Krendell in olde town? The quest is doing bunches of things for her to make you a robe, hat, and shoes that gives you more life. To know if something gives you life or not there should be a red mushroom-looking thing right after the amount of health. The bazzar is also the place to look! You can get a robe called Tunic of the Temple (lvl 15+) that gives you 99 life. The lowest amount of money you can get for it is 378$ (color: ALL WHITE). By the way, Tunic of the Temple is more dress-looking but it comes from Krok so it fits the theme. Boots of the Citadel gives you 46 life and it is 454$ for ALL white. Then Circlet of Fortune that gives 56 life for 341$ (All white). The outfit looks good together so I hope it might also help your health level. Good luck!

Kestrel Ghostwalker~lvl 42 Master sorcerer :D

May 28, 2009
You have already posted this question. Did you read the replies that you received to that post? Your previous post is located here:

Did you go to the link that I posted for you to see where your health is supposed to be according to your level? That link is here:

I also posted an additional link to illustrate the differences in health that each school has. That link is here:

Additionally, I would suggest that if you have looked at the Level_Chart and see that your health is NOT as high as it is supposed to be then you should send a note to Mr. Lincoln and see if he can help you. Posting your message here again is not going to be of any help at all.

Apr 15, 2009