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Haunted Cave Entry

Jul 11, 2009
In Wizard City / Triton Avenue you are instructed by the new Halloween guy to get into Haunted Cave for two quests. I have gone around and around on the portals and have killed the storm guy 6 or 7 times and can't seem to get in. Is there any other way into that area? I'd really appreciate some guidance on this one... I'm stumped and I'm level 49! LOL

May 29, 2009
I know of three quests that the pumpkin guy in the commons (Jack Hallow) sends you on in Triton Avenue. One is to speak to Jack 'O Lantern who will ask you to collect the lighted jack o lanterns. The second is to defeat the Baron Mordecai at the end of the block before you get to the Haunted Cave. The third quest is to go to the apple dunk in the Haunted Cave.

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