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Hades and Zeus

Aug 01, 2011
Ok how do I begin with this? His healing cheat is insane. He heals THREE times once a person dies? That's just unfair. It also doesn't help with Zeus spamming Earthquake and Minotaur. Can you please make it so he just heals once? It's not fair for a boss to just spam heals once someone dies. It's hard enough to just get the gear in general. I mean we can kill Hades first but most of the time Zeus will just use an Earthquake and take all your blades away.

Jun 19, 2010
Hades and Zeus can be very very challenging bosses to fight.

Like many players, I rushed in without first researching or preparing for it. On a good team, it can take 30-60 minutes to get through the Tartarus Dungeon. However, it wasn't always this fast. The first time I did this dungeon it took almost four hours to complete; talk about painful!

You can find multiple forum posting and websites all talking about Hades. A fantastic walkthrough guide I highly recommend can be found on Wizard101 Central. Its called "Highway to Hades A guide to Tartarus."


If you just want a simple solution to stop Hades' All Group Heal Spell...

...dying triggers this spell; so flee before you die.
I don't like to flee battle either; but when a player on your team dies, Hades casts an all group heal spell that restores a total of 1890 points of health to himself and all his minions. While fleeing battle is tough for many individuals, this strategy denies Hades his heal, with you returning to battle with full health and mana; while dramatically shortening the length of the battle.

How to successfully do this:

Mark area before you fight Hades
Flee just before you die
Run into blue orbs until your mana is restored
Click on dungeon recall button, or walk back to dungeon entrance and click on the resume dungeon button
Run into red orbs until your health is restored
Now port or walk back to the area you marked
Mark the area again (for those who want to come back)
Enter and resume battle