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Guide For New Players <3 :)

Mar 16, 2016
WARNING:this goes all the way only up to Triton Avenue, so if you are a member, i'm sorry, but this isn't for you
Before we get started, i'll point out this is following the storyline quests, not side quests

So once you've gotten started and done the tutorial, you were asked to go deliver a letter to Private Stillson, at the Unicorn Way gate. There should be a compass at the down-right (sort of) to click on if you can't find where Unicorn Way is. Once you've talked with Stillson, he'll tell you to speak with Private Connelly near the entrance of Unicorn Way. Once he has accepted you to go through, you have to defeat 3 Lost Souls. If you can't find them, press M on your keyboard. You go back to Connelly and he will tell you to speak with Ceren Nightchant. Now what he wants you to do is defeat 2 Dark Fairies. After that, you go and speak with Ceren Nightchant. Now he tells you to speak with Lady Oriel, In the Hedge Maze, at the other side in Unicorn Way. She tells you that you have to collect 3 Fairy Dust from Dark Fairies. Go defeat 3-4 Dark Fairies then come back to Lady Oriel. She tells you open 4 Bone Cages. Bone Cages can be found on the sidewalks, hanging. After that, go back to Oriel. She tells you to go back to Ceren Nightchant. After Walking (Yay?) to Ceren, he figures out that Rattlebones is behind this. Be careful, this is your first boss, they can be tough and hard to defeat. (excluding Malistaire from Tutorial). Watch in replies for more! More coming Tomorrow, 6:00pm Australia Time.

Mar 16, 2016
So... you've defeated Rattlebones. Now you go back to Ceren, with bones in your hands. (not) Then he tells you to Ambrose. Now you go to Ravenwood, where all of the Professers are, excluding Balance and Death. Now you go back to Merle Amobrose once you've spoken with all the people. You have to speak with Seargent Muldoon.
To get there, simply go into the Shopping District then find a gate. He tells you to defeat Lady Blackhope. He lets you pass into Triton Avenue once you've defeated Blackhope. Then go to Susie Gryphonbane, near the Crab Alley rope. It appears that she's lost her brother, Artur. She tells you to go inside the Haunted Cave, then go straight back to her. She tells you to go to Duncan Grimwater, near herself. Now you have to defeat 5 Haunted Minions and Rotting Fodders. Then go report back to Duncan, then Susie. Apparently, they saw Storm Medallion on Rotting Fodders. you have to go and defeat 4 of them to collect Storm Medallions. Go back to Duncan. You now have to go to Blad Raveneye, by the Old Mill. Now you have to collect Lumina Crystals from barrels, on the second part of the Avenue. Go report to Blad. Then go to Duncan. Now go defeat Scarlet Screamers until you get a Crystal. Go to Duncan, then Susie. She found out that this is the Harvest Lord's work. Press M if you don't know where to go. After defeating pumpkin-head, go back to Susie. She is thankful and tells you to report to Merle.
If you want more, or simply want Firecat Alley and Cyclops Lane, i want to hit 80 views.

Dec 19, 2013