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Grubb's Chest...gone?

Jul 11, 2009
Well, I've been farming Grubb for a Wraith statue and I still don't have one yet. It's pretty hard doing the whole dungeon just to be disappointed at the end. Then, I see that KI had a MAJOR update. Second Chance chests! I beat Sunken City then find...no chest. Please add a second chance chest! Please, KingsIsle! I'm begging you! Please reply if:

-you want them to add a Grubb's Chest
-you know somewhere else to get a Wraith statue
-you think you have a better solution

I know Grubb isn't supposed to exist! But, Sunken City is the hardest dungeon in Wizard City! Maybe Grubb could have a chest in the opposite room of the other chest. Please do something! The chest will get more people to buy crowns! Please! I need a Wraith statue! It will complete my collection of statues for Schools.