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Groups...what for?

Jul 05, 2009
hey. does anyone know what is the purpose of the groups? because i understand that adding friends is important, they can help you, you fight with them and stuff. but what are the groups for? what can people within a group do? why invinting people to join your group?
plz explain this to me

Kevin Fireheart lvl 22
Fire Wizard

The answer you seek, young Wizard, is in our Players Guide.

Grouping helps players stay together when battling or travelling to a new area. When you join a battle, there will be spots reserved for your other group members if they are travelling with you in the same area. They will be asked if they want to join your combat. If so, they will be teleported to your battle. A reserved spot that you see in the world may be for someone in your group or for a different group.

To invite someone to join your group, click on them and this will open your Friends Panel. There you will see the option to Invite to Group.

Now that you're in a group, you will see a new Group section to your Friends List. You can leave a Group at any time by clicking the Leave Group option on the Group section of the Friends panel.

Groups can chat on a Group Chat channel that no one outside the group can see. This text will be show in blue in your Chat Window.

Click on this icon to chat just to the group.
Click on this icon to chat to your surrounding area.
This icon will let you know when you're directly Text Chatting to another player.

Aug 21, 2009
Hey don't feel like you're the only one out there who wonders this, i was thinking about it just this morning.

Wolf Shadowhunter, level 30 ice and death. (but moving forward!)
Somewhere in Krokotopia.

Jun 11, 2009
It's a good thing if you have a bunch of friends they might help you or to keep people out of battle cause if they areonly for your group then no one can go in :)