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Gladiator:How to kill?

Jul 03, 2010
Does the gladiator in Mount Olympus cheat? I battled him a lot for good loot, but usually I fail. Is there any tips how to defeat the gladiator with no stress?

Sep 17, 2012
Carry plenty of cleanse charm or dark pact/empower cards to clear all his -75% weakness from his natural attacks. There's really no simple way to solo him unless you have very high resist gear like Jade, best to have a friend or a few join in. His only cheats are his enhanced attack spells, his natural attack adds -75% weakness and his mana burn removes 4 pips instead of 3.

Jun 29, 2011
icepenguin12345 on Sep 26, 2014 wrote:
Does the gladiator in Mount Olympus cheat? I battled him a lot for good loot, but usually I fail. Is there any tips how to defeat the gladiator with no stress?
He technically doesn't cheat, but his basic attack leaves a weakness which is really tough to make an effective attack against. I always farm him with a full TC deck of Cleanse Charm spells. Also, fleeing and returning until you get first turn is the best way to defeat him solo.

Sep 02, 2012
Yes he does cheat, though they are minor.

His basic attack applies a -70% weakness to whoever it hits.

He also applies a stronger version of an accuracy debuff.

There are no real mechanical cheats though, just spell buffs.

Mar 31, 2012
Here are some of his cheats: he uses an availing hands (a heal spell) and then uses mana burn. So what I'd do ( I belated him anyways) is stun him. If you have a ice friend or myth friend who has stun spells let them join. Then get two more friends: a life and a fire. If you can get a high level friend or team up!

Jun 19, 2010
A fast and efficient way to quickly defeat the Gladiator is to place a 70% and 80% feint on him, while a designated hitter stacks multiple blades on themselves; as well as using stun spells to effectively limit the Gladiator and his minions from attacking you.

While fighting the Gladiator, you may discover a better, more efficient way to defeat him too.

Who is Gladiator Dimachaerus?

He's a balance boss with an 80% resistance to balance spells.

Read more about the Gladiator via the web link below:


An excerpt from his web page on wizard central:
"Gladiator Dimachaerus is the "secret Boss" in Mount Olympus and is meant to be fought by Level 90 Wizards. He was deemed as "The Greatest Aquilan Gladiator of all time". 2 more Doomed Bones will spawn when 3 or more Wizards are in the battle."


What else can the Gladiator do?

Gladiator also places a minus 75% to damage on you after one of his attacks.

To learn more about stacking blades and traps:


Another way to speed up the battle:

Fight the Gladiator with less minions.

This requires one person on your team entering the room and battle before anyone else does. This causes only the Gladiator and one minion to appear; instead of the Gladiator and three of his minions.

There are other approaches and strategies to defeat the Gladiator; so have fun discovering what works best for you and your team!

Sep 19, 2013
He's vulnerable to Beguile, so get that off first turn and you can have some fun. Just bring lots of friends, kill off the minion, and then just cast at him until he dies.