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Gladiator Dimacherus Kill by Magus Wizards

Sep 19, 2013
Today, I did a Mount Olympus dungeon with three other wizards; Samuel ShadowSword, a level 46 death wizard, Ryan GoldHunter, a level 31 ice wizard, and Sean SkyHammer, a level 32 life wizard. After taking out Zeus, I persuaded them to go after the gladiator, because I had a plan to defeat him. I entered the battle alone and engaged him, being pitted against his Doomed Bones minion and the gladiator himself. My friends then joined the battle. I Beguiled Dimacherus, causing him to cast a 10 pip spell (sabertooth), on his minion, depleting his pips and heavily damaging the minion. We killed the minion, and after a long while, killed Dimacherus. I have the enchanted armament to prove it.

GG Dimacherus.
~Legendary Gladiator Killer, Kane WildThief

Mar 30, 2010
? Not a surprise... He's a pretty easy boss. With a few shields and heals and if they're not targeted that much I wouldn't see why they couldn't. ??

Apr 05, 2012
Aug 25, 2013
ORRRR get a level 95 Storm to cast Sirens?

PS I've gotten easily over 100 Armaments. Prospector Zeke is sick of me selling them to him.

John RavenCatcher - lvl95
John StormWalker - lvl95
John DragonPyre - lvl51
John FrostShard - lvl38

"Bambi is my old name.
Now.. Now they call me Deer Knight."

Apr 06, 2014
Wait, is that a hidden boss?