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Getting the Hat in WaterWorks

Aug 29, 2011
Hello wizards,

I am stuck. I have gone in the dungeon 10 times and still have not gotten my hat. I know Waterworks is a very annoying dungeon therefore we should get a bigger percent to get the gear. I am not saying it should be easier but we should get more credit for it. In one day day I did it 4 times. It got so annoying that my friends told me that you get the hat on luska so i only do half the dungeon with one of my archmage friend: "James" (storm). Anyways i was wondering if there were any tips from anyone or any advice. That would be a lot of help .
Thank you,
Alia (level 62 life)

Dear Sylvester,

Man you are a tough boss! Do you know where i can get the hat? There is some cookies and milk involved and a hotel room if you tell me. ;-)
Well i hope you enjoy being defeated because one of these days lindsey (my death) will swim down to your chamber and give you a piece of your own medicine! Well enjoy while it lasts!



Alia (level 62 life)

Jul 03, 2010
I craft the helmet from Wintertusk for all my wizards, it has slightly better stats but you must complete the crafting quests though Celestia's seal of the seven seas to be able to craft it.

Jul 09, 2009
Seems like I'm lucky since i've been reading and listening to other opinions

I got my boots on my first try, my robe on my second try, on my third try I got fire mastery, and on my fourth and last try I got my hat :)

Remember, its all about letting your luck take part. If I was really able to get my whole set that quickly, I'm pretty sure you will get your hat soon :)

Something makes me wonder. Some hats can be dropped from the last boss and Luska, so are you a balance wizard? If so, only Luska drops it I think.

May 03, 2009
What annoys me is that I haven't gotten my robe, and I found out that Sylvestor (however you spell it) drops it, so I was really angry to have to do the dungeon over again.

But I keep getting to Luska, and getting that Hangman's Hood, and so now I have three lol.

Scarlet Hawk
Transcendent Necromancer

May 06, 2009
ive went to waterworks 4 times, 3 were half and 1 was full and i got nothing but a Savory Shroud From Silvester.

Jul 17, 2009
It's all by luck. If you really want it, you have to keep on trying continuous times. I got lucky because I got the robe 3 times, the hat two times and the boots one time in just 7 waterwork runs.

Good luck and I hope you get the hat soon.