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General Akilles- How Many Times for a Ghost?

Aug 13, 2009
I'm just wondering, how many times did it take for you to get a Blue Ghost? I still didn't get one, I defeated him at least under ten times (if not, a little bit more than ten) and today I defeated him nine times.

EDIT: I later found out that getting a unique item is a totally random percent. Guess if I fight him 100 times I'll get it... Buying it is easier. xD

Jun 23, 2009
according to the wizard101 wiki, pet drops are 2% based on killing them 100 times, so you really gotta fight him a lot. blue ghost looks very cool, its worth it. i know longer have him out since i have a treant (aka nature's wrath/woodwalker) now, but he was cool when i was just a nub :P

Jun 25, 2009
Yeah you have to be lucky to get a drop pet. I was fighting him a bunch of times and i finally got the blue ghost pet. Its frustrating but its worth it when you get the prize. Hope this helps.

Dec 17, 2008
yeah i would fight him most every day for the ghost but i had to have one of my other friend to help me because i got tired of fighting him. i got him on my 18th or 20th time but sure, its worth i big time! :D :-)