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General Akilles hard

Apr 12, 2013
I am a lvl 6 myth wizard and General Akilles is impossible! I tried 4 times and i came so close to beating him! How did you beat him?

Apr 11, 2012
Clockwork Pidgeon,

I would recommend doing side quests to gain experience (and gold for better gear). At about level 12, the Akilles battle should come along smoothly.
If not, I would suggest bringing along some friends to assist you.

Miranda Thundergem

Feb 29, 2012
Buy an AoE tc and use that. I did this for my young son last night. He (balance) kept being defeated, so I got him a couple of Sandstorm tcs and he breezed through.
Buy a couple Humongofrog tc's and you will not have a problem. I recall they are myth, so you can use one from another school, but their resistance isn't that high so you could probably get by using frog.
Good luck!

May 18, 2012
I defeated him solo by myself at level 14. Level up a bit, it would be near impossible to kill him at level 6. I was still doing quests in Unicorn Way at that time!

Jun 20, 2013
As a myth I used TC converts. I find it easier with friends. I'm a life so to me it was pretty easy

Jun 01, 2013
I beat on my 2nd try. if you cant beat him do side quests and level up!

level 16 William Greencrafter

May 16, 2013
First of all, if you are using your pips on rank 1 spells, i would replace those with better spells. (Maybe buy a better wand?) And also, try doing side quests and try to level up. And make sure you are not wearing that crummy armor you get from quests, go to the bazaar in olde town, and buy the best clothes you can get. Good armor will say +45 mana or +45 heath. Try getting the ones with lots of heath and mana. But make sure it has defense. You might want to have a lot a defense to , but that is what Arkilles is. Good luck wizard!

-Dolan Winterglade

Apr 11, 2012
blackwarrior278 on Jun 24, 2013 wrote:
I beat on my 2nd try. if you cant beat him do side quests and level up!

level 16 William Greencrafter
You can beat him on your 1st try, just you either need to be a right lvl to do the quest or the right deck or the right school. If you still can't beat him, try it with your friends or with minions. If you still can't beat him, like you said do side quests and level up!

Megan Skywalker, Level 59 Ice Wizard

Jun 17, 2012
Jul 10, 2012
general akilles is so easy! you just have to bring in some friends like i always do in dungeons. i was lvl 14 when i went in there any ways. Caleb Hawlktalon

Feb 16, 2010
5 things clockwork pigeon
1 friends - friends can help allot in all cases in quests or dungeons or bosses they are the most important asset in the game (asset means tool)
2 treasure cards - get storm ones. hes a myth and storm is his weakness treasure cards make spells more powerful and if they fizzle they wont be gone like normal cards just draw them again and use them
(left click cards to discard and click draw to get treasure cards)
3 side quests to lvl up! - side quests are great they give you badges quests exp gear furniture and all sorts of stuff including pets and tc so do them!
4 gear- good gear is invaluable! you need it to survive in this game. i suggest gear from the bazaar then later crown shop gear.
5 henchmen- they are so great i can do dungeons that are supposed to be 2 hours in under 30 min but dont over spend if a boss is low health dont buy lvl 90 henchmen buy a boss that is around the world you are in. i suggest for you lvl 20 storm but just one. thats all hoped this helped
jack skullbreeze master of

Dec 03, 2012
This has been said over again, but the best tip is get friends who have already defeated him so maybe 10 and up. I was over leveled on my balance, I haven't done it on my death, and I had a friend from my balance about a level 70 help me with him on my ice. A level 6? On my ice I was a seven. Both you and me also need to do some side quests. Penny dreadful takes you to a lot of different places, so try her. She is located out side of Merle's place. Anyway, happy questing!

Molly 65
Savannah 8
Destiny 11

Jun 17, 2012
do side quests and cast a minion and you'll be fine.
it gets much harder in Avalon
Justin fire thief level 77

Sep 28, 2009
If you're a myth student then you should be able to cast a minion to assist you a little bit and i sugguest you either do side quests or bring a friend
Juan WyrmBloom, Level 72 student