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Game randomly started to run slow please help

Jan 18, 2011
Well the game use to run fine i stayed up playing it to 2 in the morning until when it randomly started to run slow.Everyday at 6 Pm the game runs so slow likes its not even playable nothing loads.Say if i was in Dragonspyre with other players around and it suddenly reached 6 Pm all the Players and enemies would disappear and it takes like 1 hour for it to go to a loading screen,Open inventory,Friends list all my friends that are online and offline wont show nothing and cant teleport anywhere this really is annoying cause i like playing this game :-(

May 22, 2009
This could be your internet connection. It is possible they oversold their bandwidth and during peak hours you slow down. This happened to me when I had Satellite internet. After changing internet providers the problems stopped.

Hannah Lifebringer Level 60 Life