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Game has slowed down, not responding well

May 31, 2009
For several nights now the game is preforming slow, when picking up regents it takes too long to get them, when going thru doors it takes too long to get thru them, The slow down seems to happen in the afternoon and night hours, I play from Noon to night and when i first enter game at noon it is runnimng fast, but as more and more players enter and afternoon arrives things have slowed down considerably.
I first thought it might be my computer, but for all week now it has done this and i expect by weekend the game will not be worth playing cause it will be too slow to play. My fellow playing friend is experiencing the same problems when you try to do things it is like delayed reactions, causing slowness of the game.
Wanted to tell you this because soon it may crash if it gets much slower. Like an airplane losing speed, only place to go is down. I look at the game like a buggy pulled by a horse, too many people in Buggy the horse slows down. Push the horse hard enough you may kill him and he drop.
Only you know the limits of the game, I can only tell you what i am experiencing, this weekend when a lot of players come online, I hope the game has eaten its cheerios..........

Jan 11, 2010
Join the club :) My game does it allot. Lagging, dragging, slow, and takes forever to go from street to street. Sometimes my game even makes me a ghost where I am playing, but everyone disappears! I can still walk around and text, but am totally alone in the street. And, if I want to buy something from the crown shop, when I click on it, it opens, but nothing comes up for me to view and buy. Then after a couple minutes of lagging and dragging, it may pick me up again and the people re-appear.
So, you are not alone in this problem, many of us have it.

May 20, 2010
The staff is probably aware of all of this and are busy streamlining the game code and adding hardware and bandwidth as needed.

Feb 14, 2009
I have noticed this too, I now often loss connection, but my internet is fine