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Friend help

Dec 26, 2008
A friend got me to start playing and i got 2 more friends to start playing. We cant see each other in the game. Are there many servers that the game just puts characters? We thought this would be a good game to play together but so far it isnt friend friendly except for people you see to invite ingame. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Glad you asked, we answered this in our most recent Newsletter (click Wizard Society -> Newsletter)

Here's your answer :)

We've had so many new student Wizards that we've added many more Realms to our Wizard101. Each Realm is a copy of the Live game of Wizard101, and you can change Realms easily, if you want to meet up with friends, find a quieter area or if you're looking for a more populated Realm with lots of people to help out.

To change Realms, simply press your ESC key while you're not in a duel, and you will see a tab on the right that has two little blue globes on it.

Click this tab and you will see the Realms page open up. From here you can select from the long list of Realms by clicking on a Realm that is not Closed, and pressing the "Go to Realm" button. You will be teleported to that Realm, in the exact same spot you were standing in your previous location. There is a countdown between Realm changes, so if you're teleporting to friends, make sure you pick the right one!