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Finishing Undead Badges

Mar 14, 2010
I am trying to finish the undead badge series. I have to get 2000 undead creatures for the last one. It is easier to do it with a group but nobody ever wants to help me when I am there. The undead that I am facing are in Unicorn Way. They are the easiest to defeat. I have almost 1200. I realize this will still take awhile but if anyone is willing to be friends and help when they are on with me that would be awesome.

Wizard Name: Angel Titanstalker Lvl. 36 Pyromancer

Thanks to all that reply

Will be on this weekend off and on all day and night saturday and sunday. Just post here if you are on and I will see if I can make it on.

May 03, 2009
Wow. I really need that last badge to. We should meet up sometime. I will be playing Friday and Saturday. And I'll like be on Kraken realm I guess, and area one. Maybe like sometime between 1 and 1:30? I'll meet you infront of Unicorn Way gate.

Scarlet Hawk
Transcendent Necromancer

Apr 08, 2011
If you can't get anyone to help you, I suggest un-equipping your spell deck and just using wand slashes to kill lost souls. It's easier that way for me. :]

~Melissa DayDreamer&Jasmine IceCloud, Life and ice