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Favorite Street

Jul 13, 2013
Little Dragon Spar... on Jul 8, 2013 wrote:
I know many of you are busy fixing the technology in Celestia, helping the policemen in Maryleybone, or even stopping the Dragon Titan summoning like me in Dragonspyre. But let's go ALL the way back to Wizard City. What was your favorite street in Wizard City? Even though I'm a fire wizard, I personally liked Colossus Boulevard the most. I liked the humor, the giant castles, and the little snowmen walking around with daggers in there hands . It was actually kinda cute to see that. But what was your favorite street in Wizard City?

-Nathaniel Redflame level 44
Hmm...let's see...
Triton Avenue was annoying, because it's overcrowded and the internet goes slow whenever I'm there. Plus it's like impossible to fight the Kraken because of so many people trying to fight him at once and there are only four spots.
I didn't like Firecat Alley...it was just boring. So was Cyclops lane.
Colossus Boulevard was pretty cool and I liked fighting two opponents, finally! But it was very cold and I don't really like gobblers.
The caves, like Haunted Cave, I didn't like because they were spooky.
Crab Alley was nice, I liked watching my pet and me swim, so funny. But the monsters there kept killing me....
I would say Olde Town or something like that, but they aren't really "streets."
so my favorite street is Unicorn Way! The arena is there, plus a whole bunch of new payers. I like to go back and visit and help them out with Rattlebones. It is a place where my skills are truly appreciated
So, yeah, good old Unicorn Way.