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Extreme amounts of lag in Cyclops lane/Haunted Cav

Apr 19, 2009
Alright, I've been playing this for a few months now on and off, these two areas have always lagged a bit for me slightly but as of today for some odd reason when I go to these areas I cant move two steps without the game totally locking up on me for a few seconds.

Now this on "Perfect" servers at ANY time of the day, this includes late at night pacific time when alot of the younger age group is offline.

I dont understand why things have suddenly started to slowdown like they have but its preventing me from playing this game now, and I've been as far as Marleybone prior to this without ever having any such problems of this nature before.

Is there something going on with the servers?

If so it would be nice to have a dev response, otherwise Im likely to end my subscription very soon, theres little reason to pay money for a game that I am unable to play.