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Experience with Myth

May 31, 2009
Once again Myth was killed in his fight, a fight all my other wizards won with no problems. I brought all my wizards up and they are Grand masters, Fire, Death, Balance, Life, and even Ice. My best wizard is Storm, all these can kill circles around Myth, My advice if you are just starting this game stay away from Myth, The spells are weak and his health is low, I have not had any of my wizards killed as many times as Myth has. I started my first Myth some time ago got to level 48 and could see it was no good so i deleted it. Then a friend and I decided to just try Myth together, and sure enough nothing has changed she is having trouble as well.
I had no problems with Ice and it is second to nothing on my list, Myth takes number one as nothing. The game needs to alter Myth because new players to this game will make a myth and abandon it or delete it and go on to another wizard. Sad to say soon as i reach Grand master with Myth i will probably Delete it because I have no use for a wizard that can not kill.
You might try to tell me I am wrong, but my account full of Grandmasters tells me i know these wizards. Myth is weak and useless. I only hope the game improves on it so it can be as good a wizard as all the others.
When i compare the times i have been killed ratio Of myth to all my other wizards it is just outright uncalled for. Myth is killed several times on a few hours play where my others were never killed. I will sell everything when i complete Myth, not make another ever because it is not worth the effort. But I will give any wizard a chance, I gave Myth two and he has failed on both.
Please I am asking those in charge here change Myth, make it a better wizard, no use in having something this weak.

Nov 01, 2009
I'm sorry you dislike your Myth wizard. I, on the other hand, love my myth wizard. First of all from level 1 you get a minion to help you. Yes he does not have many health points but by the time the enemy figures out the minion exists, you have taken the enemy out. This is especially true for Unicorn way, Cyclops Lane, Triton Ave and Firecat Alley. It becomes trickier on Collossus Blvd where you have to fight two enemies at a time, but by then you have at least received your troll minion, who is a bit sturdier.

Then you have your Cyclops minion who not only has some pretty decent attacks including storm shark, but is capable of casting sprite spells on you to help heal you.

Finally, you have the Minotaur minion who not only attacks the enemy but shields himself and taunts to draw the enemies' fire to himself and off of you. That way you can attack the enemy without being attacked youself.

Also you can't beat the double hits that come with myth's minotaur and orthrus spell. The enemy having a myth shield really means nothing because the first small hit removes it, then does major damage with the second big hit. Some complain that it is a pain to have to double trap an enemy with these spells. I don't usually bother to trap, but will usually double blade when I can.

Let's not forget earthquake which not only does damage to each enemy but also removes all their shields and blades at the same time.

As you can tell I am a big fan of myth, and it is my own personal opinion that if someone is finding it difficult to survive playing a myth character, they aren't using their minions to full potential. That is, after all, the major stregth of myth magic.

Mar 12, 2010
I like myth too. My second most favorite wizard is my Myth/Life. I find that to be a great combination. Of course, my most favorite is still my Life/Storm wizard. :P