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Eeee gads!!

May 24, 2012
I'm a level 34 fire wizard and I've been getting frustrated in some dungeons. I decided to go back to a storm wizard that I created about a month ago. OMG. Don't get me wrong, she's my sister and I love her but boy, it really feels like she's at a disadvantage. One pair of shields, no casting blades, no boosts.........I can't tell you how many times I got killed today - or fled. I would finish a duel and someone would grab me off the sidewalk again and I'd be down to really low life. I guess it must've been the same when I started in the fire school but I don't remember. I bought the wands I needed and a bigger deck. New hat, new tunic, new boots..........no power. Am I crazy? Can any of you other Storms let me know if that's just how it is?

Jul 03, 2010
My experience with storm is a bit different, I did suffer from a wear in period because I had done a Life then Death wizard prior and the fizzle rate of storm made me go wow but I stuck with it, eventually it can grow on you and I became a one hit wonder around level 55-60 and had no problems soloing quite a bit of Celestia and Zafaria. Currently I started a new storm wizard and am determined to solo a far into the worlds as I can because if I tweak it right I can.

It is all about the gear with storm that is for sure, for blades, for now, you can get the one from Niles in Krock Land but it will set you back a training point, I don't spend them on secondary spells any more so I have plenty for the the Sun spells to come. As for spells, shorten the deck up so you are a hit and run wizard, go in blade up hit get out of there, just hope you don't fizzle too many times - in a row. I do slightly cheat because I have pets with spritely and they do save my bacon quite a bit. I try to balance health, mana and accuracy in my gear, forget about all else till higher level then add in damage.

As for drag in, it sounds like you are in MarleyBone? That land requires the patience of a saint to get though. My biggest issue is the ramps and corners. I get stuck on, under, around, them and when I try to dislodge my wizard - wham in a fight. It's the land of the "darn" for me because I am always saying "darn, they got me again". Needless to say I do do better there after dragging so many wizards though it but still have my moments when I wish I was in Mooshu by now.

In the end all schools aren't for everyone but give it a fair shake before you hang up the wand on it. Storm can be your challenge but may turn out to be your fav in the end.

Jul 18, 2010
storm is a great school. dont give up its a challenge in the beginning but soon you'll learn how to control it. when i go to the bazaar for storm gear i focus on 3 main stats: health, accuracy, and damage. also i try to get power pip percentage because that will come in handy. as for the rings and athems, i like to find ones with health and power pip percentage. resist is good too. dont worry once you get used to the advantages and disadvantages of storm, you'll be glad you chose it. :)