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drop rate problem

Apr 29, 2011
i have noticed that some bosses you fight, the items i want from them are not showing up. i defeated this one boss with a few guys more the at least 19 to 20 times! its like they don't have the item anymore. kingsisle plz make the drop rates lower if you can.

Jul 28, 2011
You want the drop rates to be lowered because the item you wasn't isn't dropping enough? Hopefully your character isn't as backwards as this post ;)

All i can say is keep at it! i keep trying to get the blue ghost off of general akhilles, but no luck. I don't even like its talents, in fact its useless to me in any way other than its aesthetics, but I still try. Its been weeks now and I too wonder if its been removed or not- although i'm sure it hasn't.