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Did i get lucky in waterworks?

Feb 16, 2010
pods1973 wrote:
I would tend to agree with you. Luck certainly can lead to good drops. I felt lucky on the two runs my wife and I made. We each got our boots, mine on the first run, my wife on the second. I also got a rank 8 snack I think, and other (not WW) gear too.
But to say you got 10 mega snacks, when they dropped the drop rate to me tells me this was an embellishment to be kind.
We did it only the two of us (both death) so if the drops were going to be multiplied (they aren't) we should have gotten more.
I would say you could get all your gear in one run (has happened), but the 10 mega snacks is the giveaway.
Especially since I have read of lowered drop rates for WW gear and especially snacks. I think before both Sylster and Luska each used to drop a mega, but now it is just a chance of one.
it could happen you never know

Feb 16, 2010
nicholasshadowforg... on Jan 28, 2013 wrote:
does the bazar sell WW gear? I want it so badly, but my luck is terrible i have tried the waterworks once, but recieved no gear... haven't checked the bazar though. Is it even possible to sell WW gear to the bazar? pls answer, cuz Nicholas Shadowforge (60) wants his gear
i think so but im not sure i would check from time to time though not once because not everyone wants to sell it and if they do it will go up quickly if it is possible

Feb 16, 2010
dawsdaws1539 on Apr 11, 2013 wrote:
I got my gear except for the boots on one try. Is that ok for a first try?
yes very lucky most people go through ALLOT just to get one clothing item

Feb 16, 2010
Two Soldiers MOM on May 29, 2013 wrote:
Yeah, ,IDK but for the rest of us that have done it nearly sixty times on my Balance wizard and only have gotten my HAT three Times! I had to go back after getting it the first time due to entering the bazaar while wearing it and a friend notifying me that my hat somehow disappeared off my head as we spoke! It literally ate it off my head! Contacted Wiz 101 and to this day no answer, same thing happened to my life mastery amulet and still no answer for that either!!! so... for those of us that see to have junk luck on the game.. that sucks for us.
As for you and your luck... Don't get me wrong, I am happy for you but the rest of us that go in over and over again and can't seem to get anything but pure garbage And I DO MEAN GARBAGE! Not even decent Items we can use (or MEGA snacks.).. it just seems unfair.

I have heard from so many that "It is just the luck of the draw"... well I say they need to figure out a system to distribute the items a bit more fairly and it is possible people!

Those of us who seem to have the WORST luck Getting items, whether it be gear, packs, drops, etc, have to deal with this unfairness on a regular basis

I literally can go into WW with a group and everyone around me gets items within the first three tries while I literally get junk........ time and time again.

So frustrated.
Frustrated they never reply to my reports too .
keep on reporting until they reply. it will get someones attention

Feb 29, 2012
jack skullbreeze wrote:
it could happen you never know
Well, since the drops are part of the coding for Wizard 101, either it can happen or it cannot.
Someone from KI who knows the drop percentages could take the odds of each drop, then multiply them to find out just how "lucky" the OP really is.

Say, a 10% chance for each piece of your WW gear:
So that is 0.10*0.10*0.10 =0.001 or about 0.1% chance of getting your set in one run (1 in 1000).
You then have to multiply by the baconator (or each piece if they drop separately), the amulet, and for the snacks.
That is IF it can actually happen with the coding.

If the programming does not allow for 10 mega snacks, either the OP is lying, or was mistaken (calling a regular snack a mega).
It is true that I will never know as I am not privy to the programming, but since this is the only instance that I have ever heard where all of these things dropped on the same run, I stand by my original claim that the OP was either mistaken, or lying.

Jun 20, 2013
May 03, 2009
Aug 06, 2009
MaazyPaaz1995 on Jul 23, 2013 wrote:
I got a Stone Block once
that is hilarious .

Feb 05, 2011
Feb 06, 2010
You are very lucky. Ignore the people who think you are lying. You saved a ton of money just because of those drops. But it might come back to bite you. If you are trying to get amber prepare for the bite.
Critical Death