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Deleted friends. This question is for you Lydia Gr

Mar 28, 2009
Ok i have a question. In june i went somewhere and hadnt played wizard 101 for a really long time. So when i came back all of my friends on my friend list were erased! :-( So i wanted to know is there any way i can find them again so that i can become there friends again? And another question what if you delete one of your friends by accident can you find them again to become their friends? Please tell me if i can find them?

Thanks :-D

Feb 27, 2009
Sadly, you probably cant find those people again, but it is possible. I have found people. Why they deleted you is because you were gone long, and your name was probably taking up their list. So they thought that if you werent even on, why keep you on the friends list? I think it is kind of rude, but it is their choice, not mine or yours. Plus they do have a point. However, you dont have to be playing non-stop for them to keep you on the list. I was gone for three days and no one deleted me. Hope this helps ! :-D

Kestrel Ghostwalker~ lvl 47 Master sorcerer

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