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Defeat and collect quest

Mar 07, 2009
well i'm working on my balance wizard and i was in firecat alley when i had a defeat and collect quest to get the knife well it toke forever to do so it remind me of my legendary in cl so please make the collect rates a little higher

Jun 14, 2010
I can't help but notice that the less a fight drags on, the less chance you have of getting an item for a defeat and collect quest.

On my level 7 balance wizard, I've defeated enemies on firecat ally for a defeat and collect quest using only wand spells, and it took forever.

When my Necromancer was level 49, I defeated enemies in Grizzlheim for a defeat and collect quest when my Wraith fizzled twice in a row and I couldn't find the cards i needed, and wound up with two items for the defeat and collect quest instead of one.

So, I suggest weakening your deck a little bit for defeat and collect quests. Not to the point where every battle leaves you with 100 health, but just so that it takes a few more turns to defeat an enemy.

Jul 28, 2011
I wouldn't be surprised if drop rates were in some way linked to the amount of experience gained during a fight, which relates to the number of turns it takes according to how many spells you used.

In fact I have a good example using this exact same quest....
My fiz- i mean storm wizard took 4 turns to get 1 fizzbat off successfully. Charred knife first try.
Took the balance i started yesterday through the wizard city quest line and it took me at least 20 minutes of fighting magma men to get the knife to drop.
My greenwarden's staff gives that +1 pip so I used scorpion first round, every round, followed up by a wand when needed, having no trouble dispatching of the magmas quickly.

Maybe it could be a balance thing.... some theological what have you tied in with 'patience and understanding' xD but i'm sure its not.

My bets still on experience gained, if anything.

Jun 12, 2009
My bet is that they wanted to make life as simple for themselves as possible, and just set probabilities based on the level of the quest. Some of these elaborate theories would take a lot of data to substantiate. One or two amusing quests do not back up a theory. "A swallow does not make a summer".

If you think about all the things they have to debug and maintain just to keep the game running, I would seriously think that devoting time to monitoring these quests and the logic to determine success would be a major chore.

That said, I've heard quite a few players float the idea that super high kill spells reduce your probability of success.

But one should be careful in making conclusions. Quite a number of different settings could explain your experience. Example: It took me 4 battles to collect the Jade handle. This could mean a probability of 1/8 with average luck, or it could mean they set the probability as high as 1/4 but I just had bad luck with that particular quest.