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Culpepper quest

Nov 20, 2010
I think the Culpepper quest in Colossus blvd is really unfair.
My partner and I are level 50+ and have about 3000 health and 3400 health respectively.
The third level has a fire boss that summons a minion. If you don't kill the minion by the time he gets 4 pips he will send meteor at you and do 7000 points damage to every player. I don't know anyone with that much health. Anyway, we were able to kill his minion a few times before he launched the meteor and finally got the boss.
After another normal battle we met a death boss level 8 and the last battle. He takes two turns per turn, interrupts you spell and removes converts and traps. H throws Heck Hound that does 590 damage per tick (yikes) and other really powerful spells.
Any wizards that plan to do this quest better have pretty high levels and will probably need to have all 4 players involved.
Anyone have some tips for this quest?

May 20, 2010
Oct 03, 2009
In my opinion, you are thinking about it all wrong. First of all, The hardest dungeon in the Spiral is Waterworks. Second, The Boss you are talking about is called Exploding Ember. He respawns every time you leave the Dungeon, every time you do not have four REAL Grandmaster Wizards, or if the boss resummons him. It is a hard dungeon, but not as hard as Trial of the Spheres or Waterworks. Third Orrik has rules. No, not by the book. That you have to figure out. Orrik will cast the Heckhound, but you fight back, a tower shield!
Kill him before he summons the Stompers, set up a massive attack with your buddies, and KILL!!!

~Colin Dark
Lvl 54

Community Leader
I know this tower can give some issues. It can be done though , you just have to learn the ways to beat the bosses. Here is a pretty good guide that will help you along your way.


Nov 20, 2010
Thanks Paige MoonShade. The link you provided gives great insight into defeating the death boss. We'll try to get a full party soon and give a go again.