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Crown shop Hoard Packs

May 31, 2009
I have two accounts, in each account I placed 120,000 crowns. One account I bought the areas of the game and the other account I pay a subscription.
The account I pay the subscription on, got the Golden Wyvern Mount on the third Hoard Pack it bought. The account I bought the areas of the game with and Pay no subscription, bought Hoard packs from 120,000 down to 77,000. The price per pack was not what you would call High since the game was running its special on them. Matter fact my wizards are full to the brim with Wyvern Pack items to sell now. Still no mount.
I can see that it is usless to spend crowns on any account you are not paying a subscription on. Because some where between 120,000 and 77,000 a mount should have fell. Especially with the number of packs bought.
In the future, I will not be placing crowns on my account that I bought the areas of the game. Because the benefits are not the same as a subscription account.
I have noticed this drop difference all over the game with pets and things, my subscription account does way better. But with crown items you would think the chances would be the same.

Aug 10, 2010
Buying hoard packs is kinda like the scratch-off games at fast-food places, you might win the Mercedes, but you'll at least get a bag of fries.

I bought and was gifted over 100 Kirin packs total, for my effort I got at least one of each FooDog and one Blue Kirin mount. I have done better with the Raven packs, from those I got one Blood raven and 3 Ravens. I've only managed to get one of the Bone dragon mounts and never any of the Wyverns or the Nightmare.

My wife is VERY lucky with her packs and has at least one of almost every mount from the hoard packs, I think she's missing one Kirin and one Wyvern.

Jul 14, 2010
It usually takes me around 10 000- 50 000 worth of packs to gain a mount. I have one Bone Dragon and one Wyvern (gold), but more then anything else I'm going for raven packs so I can get Blood Raven. I'm desperate! :-P But I keep trying. That's the important thing, I think.