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Crown pets

May 31, 2009
some time back I bought a pet that gave me 50 in mana and 50 in health, I bought this mana and health with crowns that went with the pet, Heck it could have been a Hat with 50 in mana and 50 in health the Point here is that I spent crowns for this mana and health. Now this is being added as a talent as the pet levels up? How can you call this a talent when I bought it with crowns? So actually this pet should give me 4 more talents along with the Mana and health. The Mana and health was not a talent, it was a crown purchase. I am not the only one that sees this in the game, I bought it now you try to give it to me as a talent? Now the new pets sold do not have mana or health that you buy with crowns, Leveling they come as talents, Mine was purchased with crowns. So will my pet give me 4 talents to go along with the mana and health?....Feeling Cheated.
I notice the 5% pips were removed from the Grandmaster Pets so it could be included into the leveling process, but what about those pets bought with crowns that came with a point of purchase like added mana or health, will the game add the correct talents to these pets? If not you cut these pets short on talents. Because the crowns didnt buy talents it bought more mana and health.

May 20, 2010