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Crafting Bug

Aug 03, 2008
I've got everything i ned to make the dagger of abduction. Every time I click on create, it comes up with the error code "All crafting slots are in use". I know of at least one other person with the same problem and no one seems to know what to do. :( :?

Jun 16, 2009
Jun 18, 2009
I have the same problem also, and on another acct it didn't it did not give the recipe for the blades

Jun 12, 2009
My roommate and I are having the same problem on both of our accounts. We have yet to get a response from the game people about this issue, even though we both have sent in bug reports. If anyone gets a response from the game people, please post a response here so we all can see. Thanks.

Apr 29, 2009
I had this same problem on the test realm but only on one toon. now I am on the live server it works however I am having this same problem on another account. If anyone knows please please help

Mar 29, 2009
i think it is due to the insane time it takes between crafting items i'm up to mb and got the crafting quest but 8 and a half hours is insane and i think it should be reduced at least to the max of 10 mins with a success rate for the item you are making. what i would like is if wizard101 would explain the insane amount of time in between the crafting,

May 06, 2009
MoolindaWu wrote:
We are looking into this. Thank you for mentioning it. :)

Just wish it could have been fixed before this went live. I mean it was mentioned in test. :( Waiting a day or two before pushing this live would have helped with less frustration from the player base on this partiqular issue.

Heck I am not sure that even the dragonspire crafting quests will work, or even mooshu. Not sure anyone on test managed to get that far. :(

Jun 18, 2009
I have had the same problem as the others here. I try to craft and it says all of my crafting slots are full. I have checked to make sure that everything is in working order and lo and behold my character, when turning in the mist wood, did not get a timed crafting slot. Now I know this is where you should get a timed crafting slot because on the test server that gave me my crafting slot. I'm not sure if that will help fix it any faster but I figured the more reports and the more details the better.

This should have been addressed for most players in last night's emergency update - but if you find you are -still- unable to craft, do please let Mr Lincoln know, as your case might be unique.

He can be reached on the Help & Support tab on the left.

Feb 15, 2009