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compleat pet list

Mar 09, 2010
hi everyone its me Sean Sadowrider here, i postedthis subgect befor but it did not come up so here we go agen...

i am a pet colecter, i colect pets every, pet cool looking pets to stat bosting pets and i wont them all so i was wondering were i can find EVERY LAST PET (and not the ones ONLY uesing gift cards) so if there is a boss with a pet, a hiden shopceper hideing it in the back, or its gust hideing out there then i wont to know so pleas post all the pets bellow and thx

Sean Sadowrider lvl 40 death/ storm wizard

As we've mentioned several times before young Wizard, these types of spoilers are not placed on the official site, but are reserved for our fansites.

You can find a list of fansites in the Wizard Community -> Fansites & Links section of this website.