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Clothing power swap

May 12, 2010
I think it would be fun to be able to take your powers from one set of cloths and put it on another. As a girl I think our options for hats and clothings are kinda limited I would like to see some more feminin atire;) There is only one hat and a dress I would like to wear and to be able to swap other clothings power to that hat and dress would be great!

This is a current feature of the Seamstress.

You can learn more in the Players Guide

You can take the stats of one piece of clothing and apply them to another piece of clothing of the same type. Love the stats on your Dragonspyre hat but it doesn't match your Grizzleheim outfit? Find a Grizzleheim hat you like, and move the stats from your Dragonspyre hat, to the new Grizzleheim hat to complete your stylish look.

Eloise Merryweather, who can be found near Zeke in all worlds of the Spiral (including Grizzleheim) has been busy learning how to stitch! For a small Crowns fee, she will allow you to transfer the Stats of one item onto the Appearance of another.

This process cannot be undone, so please make sure you choose the correct items to be tailored.