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Can't get into other areas

Sep 12, 2009
Scarlet roseblood lvl 7 and I seem to be stuck. I have 2 quests, one to find the smiths (which I've located in all the areas I can get to) and to defeat rotting fodder in triton ave. Help! I've searched and searched but can't find anyone with an explantion point above their head. Not sure what to do next.

Dec 23, 2008
I'm guessing you're on free-to-play. You're level 7, which means you likely haven't exhausted all your quests yet. (You should be able to get to 9 or 10 on casual play.) Here are some quests that are easy to miss:
- Check with Merle to see if he's got anything new.
- Check the Commons library.
- Take a look around Golem Tower.
- Check with the three contacts standing around Unicorn Park.
Also, finish up your Rotting Fodder quest to get the follow-up. You won't be able to complete the Smith quest because parts of it require places you can't reach.