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can't get into lord nightshades room

Nov 11, 2011
i am lvl 44 and need the history of death magic book and can't get into lord nightshades room to retrieve it. is there any other way to get it or the quest for it?

Jul 09, 2011
Um if your level 44 then you should already have access to Lord Nightshade's tower, if you typed wrong and meant level 4 then you need to complete the Unicorn way, the three streets in Olde Town (Triton avenue, Cyclops lane and Firecat alley), Ambrose will then give you a quest to defeat Foulgaze then defeat Lord Nightshade and there you go

Oct 26, 2010
Um, well, if the sigil is not lit have someone go in for you and port in to them. G'day,
Wolf HawkBreaker

May 20, 2010
To those who may read this at a future date, if you've been or believe you should be able to get into a place, but you can't, try these two things, in order:

1) Move well back from the door or sigil, then approach it and try again.

2) Switch realms and see if you have access.

3) Ask a friend (or make a friend and ask that person) to go in and teleport to him/her.

Jun 04, 2010
If you are that high of level you have to be able to get in. It actually depends on what world your on. If you can't go in, just have a friend to port.

-Diana Blade