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Can't find history book quest

Jul 12, 2008
I am a returning beta player... been a long time since I've been in Wizard City. I found the Smith quest (from Prospector Zeke) but for the life of me, I cannot find the quest to locate all of the history books! I'm sure that in beta, I had received that quest before I ever received access to Cyclops Lane, but here I am ready to finish Cyclops and still no quest to find history books! I've checked Ambrose, the librarian, all of the guards in Olde Town, every merchant in the Shopping District, etc. Is my new character bugged or am I looking in the wrong place?

When we introduced the new tutorial, the History Book quest was pushed to a later time in a Wizard's adventures. I believe (if memory serves me) you now receive this quest when you're closer to level 10.

Dec 02, 2008
The quest line starts with Roving Reporter from Boris Tallstaff in the Wizard City Library. The prerequisite for the quest is to be level 10 or higher.

Dec 19, 2008
As Professor Greyrose said you must be around level 10. This quest is given by Boris TallStaff in the library...he has two quests beforehand to talk to all trees (excluding Mortis and the Balance tree) and then to Headmaster Ambrose, Gamma, and the big tree in the middle. After you complete those 2 quests Boris will have you talk to Harold the librarian and he will give you the History Book quest

Hope that helps

Level 30 Magus Diviner (Storm) Hero of Krokotopia

Jul 12, 2008
Thank you, everyone! I did finally receive the quest at level 10. Unfortunately, I was nearly done with Triton Avenue by this point. Personally, I think the quest made more sense in beta when we got it earlier. If I didn't already know about the quest, I would have had to do several of the boss/end monsters twice to be able to retrieve the History Books for the quest. Since I knew about the quest, I just didn't complete the Triton or Cyclops end bosses. It's not a BIG deal to do those bosses twice, but if you play alone like I do, it is troublesome to finish both bosses twice. I have nobody around to help split up the damage (and I prefer to play alone, so please don't suggest that I look for a group).