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Can someone help?

Jul 23, 2016
It is a dark day in wizard city. I must delete my storm. I feel like he is way too behind. I feel like I can side quest but I just feel like I would not be complete. I need to make another one. Is there any really high levels to help me? I get sick of not being able to play with anyone and dying over and over... Please respond! We should meet today at 4pm PST. Meet me behind the waterfall. Outside of the nightside door. (Behind the waterfall but not in nightside) on realm WU. I will be Angel Storm. Thank you. I cannot tell you what level I will be then but for now...

This will hurt...

Angel Storm - Lvl 1

Jul 30, 2011

Just wondering if you found anyone to help you yet? I see that you made this post back on September 13th. So I might be late but I just wanted to check.

May 20, 2010
I know this is an old thread.

Wizard101 is designed so that you're generally a high enough level to solo most things **IF** you do all of the quests, meaning all of the side/optional quests. If you don't do this, you'll be under-powered all of the time, it will take you longer to complete the main quests than it would have if you'd done the side quests in the first place, and you will eventually have to do all of those quests anyway to get enough experience for higher levels.

When you create a new character, do every side quest that you can find and that can reasonably be done solo. This includes doing all of Colossus Boulevard.

You'll also find that the game is a lot easier if you plan your spell deck for each difficult boss, including purchasing a few treasure cards such as shields to defend against the bosses who do high damage in a particular school.

Nov 24, 2015
I know this is old, but if you haven't deleted your wizard Id be willing to help. Questing is always fun if you have friends to help you out. As others have mentioned do every sidequest you can get! Especially if you're storm. They will give you a level boost and allow you to have more health. The xp may seem small, but it does add up trust me!

Im on usually every day from 5-11 Pm Central Time. So if you ever see me in the spiral, dont be afraid to ask for help! Everyone needs help sometimes dont worry.

Tyler Frost Level 43