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buying statues why can't i

Mar 11, 2009
i been trying to get a statue from the boss in the conquest area the minatour statue a friend was helping me and got it .the same friend got another of the same statue he went to sale it at bazaar and could not .why can t he sale it so i can buy it for my home.also he is at level 20 i am at level 49 can i not get statues no more.please let players sale statues at bazaar....i know you can't buy them but can't ki make it so you can sale them at bazaar

May 02, 2009
Like pets, statues are rare boss drops. They are also no trade, no auction, and are usually limit one(some crafting statues allow more than one of it).

You can't by statues, to my knowledge, and you have to earn the cetain statue in battle.

Hope I helped.

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