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Bug? Needs fixing..

Jun 10, 2009
On 1/12/10 I started playing at 4:30pm PST. for the second time, I have been trying to finish 'Find Grubb - Wizard City / Sunken City' I was in the last tower on the 3 level of that tower.
I casted the "Link" Card that does 180 HP and 120 health for 3 turns. In that 3 turns, It never did any damage or gave health back, Causing my death.

Next bug:

Giving up I went to Krokotpia to Defeat and Collect "King Uro Ahnic"
they summons a Storm Shark on, They only had 2 Pips showing, Storm Sharks need 3 Pips. In turn, I died again.

Next bug:

Quest Helper is always shutting off all by itself. In turn, I'm getting lost (but that's OK, I'm use to that). I had to switch this back on 3 times while in the game.

Hope these bugs(?) get fixed, it's a fun game to play. But not fun to play while it's not working.