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Brown square & golden ball.

Feb 11, 2010
What is the meaning of the Brown Square with a gold(?) cross and a shining gold ball in the middle? I understand the meaning of the target, fist and shield
but I cannot find any reference to this one. It does not appear in the character definition (when you hit "C").
Thank you.

Look for all your equipment symbol explanations here:

Players Guide - Clothing & Equipment

I think you are referring to the Power Pip symbol. After level 10, players have a chance of earning a Power Pip during a round of battle. That Pip is worth 2 pips in your school of focus, but only one in your secondary schools.

Diego's advanced tutorial explains Power Pips.

Jun 11, 2009
Yes the ice teacher is todally right if power pip is what you mean i like them cause it gets to my cards much faster.