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Briskbreeze tower solo

Apr 08, 2011
Hi! I just wanted to share my story of Briskbreeze tower. I decided to solo it (it was my first time even attempting it), and being a life wizard damage isn't exactly my strong point. However, i got through the first few levels and easily got through the first boss and his pesky minions. Mistakes were made with the wisp collecting, but I managed to get to the final boss. I bladed, aura-ed, and got ready to cast my forest lord. I ended up attacking on the 12th round: I got heckhounded AND meteor striked. I had 263 health, and I knew that if I fizzled I would die and have to redo the whole dungeon. I didn't fizzle, and I ended up defeating the boss by just a few hundred damage. I just got really lucky, I guess :)

Melissa Daydreamer 64

Jul 04, 2012
Congrats :) I am also a life wizard, and I have been trying to solo lately.

Sep 10, 2013
Me too except that im a death wizard and im been trying to beat the briskbreeze tower but its so hard,i need ALOT of help