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briskbreeze tower drop.

Jul 24, 2009
OK wanting to know when you are lifting the no trade off the item.i never get my school my life has them all in the bank.plz tell me you are taking off the no trade...

Aug 20, 2009
Well, i dont work for KI but i believe they added it to be a challenge not just a one kill and a oh look i got my balance ring or hey look i got my myth ring and put it in the bank. If you truely got a method to kill orrick its easy all ya got to do is keep owning him. For example i got my storm ring tonight, all we did was blade really good then attack on the same round (btw my triton did over 4200 ) and it goes by super fast. if they made it so you can trade it would take the challange out of it :P

Jun 11, 2009
As we come to the final boss it's hard i got a fire ring by sirprise they said fire power lvl would not go father than what i had but sure then no trade i felt awful cause i got it on my death so it was just sad anyways i have seen crazy drops.